Friday, 21 June 2013

How To Stand Out To Get Hired When You Really Want A Job

In recent times the job market have been seeing drastic declines leading to widespread unavailability of jobs around the world. Therefore, if you are a job-seeker, not only do you have to be competent to succeed in landing a position in your targeted field, it's also important to take necessary measures that will make you stand out as a candidate.

If there is a certain job that you are interested in, most likely there will be other candidates with the same level of enthusiasm and qualification to fill the position just like you. The key to getting a job you really want is taking measures that will make you stand out and maximize your chances of becoming the candidate the company will hire.

Apply For The Job Even When There Is No Vacancies

Most people would apply for a job only when a vacancy exist. However, when you want to stand out you should apply for the job even when the company have no available vacancy for the position you want to work in.

Some companies may actually create a position for an applicant they consider has the potential to bring benefit to them even when a vacancy is not available.

Also, if the company have your resume at hand, you'll most likely be called for an interview when the position becomes open before they announce the vacancy and call in new applicants.

Apply In Person And leave Your Resume

If it's possible to go into the company and speak to the recruiters in person, do so. People have the tendency to be influenced by people they actually met more than people they just read about. If you present yourself in person to the company as an interested candidate you'll get more attention than merely sending in your application. In fact, this a way of guaranteeing that your application will be looked at. And remember to leave your resume to whomever you speak to.

Write A Resume That Will Impress 

It is very important to make sure that your resume gives a strong impression about your personality and qualification. The company will use this document to assess your suitability to work for them, therefore you need to put all the right information in the correct way that will impress the readers.

Make sure to proofread the document as to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Also, use high quality paper and ink to produce your document. Place it in a full size manila folder to submit instead of folded in a smaller envelope.

Follow Up After A Period of Time Pass

When a period of time pass after making the application, follow up with a phone call or by dropping by. This will make whomsoever you spoke to know that you are still interested, and you'll get updates in time to know if it's still possible to get hired for the job you want.

Create The Right Impression At The Interview 

Dress appropriately for the interview because you are going to be judge by your presentation. Relax and be confident in the interview room. Answer your questions informatively. Let the information you are giving and your presentation reflect your suitability for the position. Express courtesy, smile, make eye contact and speak with a warm tone of voice

Remember, everything you do in the effort to get a job you want should help you stand out over other candidates. Give an optimal output when you are going after the job. And go after the job with the mindset that you are the best person to be hired, it's just a matter of standing out to prove it.

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