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Accountant Salary Range And Requirement

A very important aspect of choosing a career is having passion for the work that you are required to do. If you have a passion for mathematics and enjoy working with numbers, then an accounting job may be right for you.  There are different types of accountant, but generally all accountants deal with financial recording and reporting.  Below I talk about accountant salary range and the requirements to get an accounting position.

Accountants play a key role in organisations because proper and accurate accounting is essential for the success of any business or institution. It doesn't matter if it is a big corporation or a small business, they will be more organised and effective if they have a qualified accountant as part of the staff.

Requirement To Become An Accountant

Requirements to become an accountant depend upon a number of factors. The specific accounting position, the country, the state and the organisation. Generally however any professional accounting position require at least a basic college degree in accounting and finance. Certified accountants who work in high-level positions such as head of an accounting department or accounting firm may need at least a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field.

Accountant Salary

Specific accountant salary vary considerably depending on location, size of firm, qualifications of the trainee and the sector. Here's the average salary of the most common types of accountant.

Forensic Accountant G $75,000
Life Agent $86,000
Accountant Auditor $33,000
Accountant Accountant $47,000
Supervisory Accountant $113,000
Plant Accountant $62,000
Senior Property Accountant $62,000
Corporate Accountant $58,000
Accountant Bookkeeper $41,000
Fixed Asset Accountant $55,000
Senior Corporate Accountant $70,000
General Accountant $50,000
Project Accountant $53,000
Property Accountant $50,000
Accountant Bookkeeper Tax Preparer $126,000

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